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We are still open!  During this worrying time, your wellbeing is my concern and I commit to doing my best to support you.  Sessions are being held online using Zoom.  I am experienced in doing sessions this way and they are just as effective as 'in-person'.  Most importantly, you can follow the Government advice and stay home. Stay safe everyone and stay well. Click this panel to get further details.

Welcome to Advance Hypnotherapy. My name is Helen Wyer. Using hypnotherapy, I can support you in making fast, effective and powerful changes in your life.  I am passionate about helping people overcome personal, emotional and psychological issues.  Whatever your particular challenge, I believe there is a solution and would love the opportunity to work with you to find it.

If you have the courage to begin,

I will help you with the power to succeed.

See positive change through the power of Hypnotherapy!

Hypnotherapy can help with…

A lot of people are surprised at what Hypnotherapy can be used to treat. Many of the people I meet regularly tell me they didn’t realise I could help them. I can help you to stop smoking , release you from other addiction or empower you to break free from fears and phobias. Maybe you need Hypnotherapy to help with weight management. With hypnotherapy I can help free you from anxiety or boost motivation. Hypnotherapy can also be effective in helping you with pain management or to relieve the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Most of the issues Hypnotherapy can help with are shown below. If it isn’t shown, give me a call for a free no obligation chat to find out more.

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Fear of Flying


Self Confidence

Weight Control


Fears & Phobias

Irritable Bowel

Self Esteem


Fear Public Speaking

Pain Management

Sports Performance

Exam Nerves

Fibromyalgia & M.E.


Stop Smoking

As a hypnotherapist, I’ve seen first-hand the changes that this form of therapy can bring. Sometimes I hear a lot from clients is ‘I’ve tried everything, but nothing works.’

The thing is, many of us know exactly what we should be doing to address the situations we’re uncomfortable with. When we want to lose weight we know we shouldn’t eat emotionally and that we should get around to joining that exercise class or walking group.  We understand that logically it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be involved in a plane crash and yet we get ourselves in a state before we fly. When we’re ready to stop smoking we know the risks and that we shouldn’t light up that cigarette.

And yet…

Sometimes those should and shouldn’ts seem to only take us so far before we reach a seemingly insurmountable hurdle that our willpower, however strong, just can’t conquer.  This is because we are trying to address these issues on a conscious level, which is similar to putting a plaster on a wound.  Sooner or later we need to deal with the wound itself.

While other talking therapies deal with the conscious mind – the part you’re using now to read this – hypnotherapy engages your subconscious.  This is where all your experiences, knowledge, memories and habits are stored, even though usually you are unaware of them.  Hypnotherapy helps us to confront these memories and experiences and reprocess them to a way which is more positive and helpful.

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I am 100% dedicated to you and your challenges and will bring my warm and caring personality to every session. You can be assured of an non-judgemental and confidential environment allowing you to talk openly and honestly at every session. You will see the authentic me and I’d like to see the authentic you. You can be sure I am working to the best of my own abilities, being as diligent as possible and ensuring I work with a high level of integrity by committing to ongoing supervision myself. I want you to succeed and believe you have everything within you to enable you to do so. With my support, every step of the way we will bring about positive change together.

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I am passionate about helping people overcome personal, emotional and psychological issues. Using hypnotherapy, I can support you in making fast, effective and powerful changes in your life.

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